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    The Pickled Fish Project is a project designed to incorporate biological adaptations of fish species and identification of North Dakota fishes in the classroom. The project will provide 21 specimens of different native fish species to teachers for use in dichotomous key exercises and biological adaptation lessons. The fish are stored in 75% ethanol which is safe to handle. Because of this, children are encouraged to be hands-on in the fish lessons. A specialized dichotomous key developed for the project will also be provided. The key is user friendly and designed to be incorporated into middle and high school curriculum. The project has an added bonus of fostering awareness of the diversity of North Dakota fishes.

    Amy Doll and Thomas Dodson, fisheries science students at Valley City State University, have developed the project with the help of Dr. Casey Williams, assistant professor at Valley City State University. The project is funded by the Great Plains STEM Education and Research Center.

    Kaylee Johnson, Undergraduate Artist, developed the graphic to the right for marketing the project.  Her design is based on the rainbow darter - a popular fish in the Fisheries club due to its naturally appealing coloration.

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